Sunday, October 20, 2013

FNSI - Friday Night Sew In

FNSI started with this scrumptious dinner.  No - I wasn't counting calories.  I have been hungry for chicken enchiladas.  Newton was gone for the evening, Honey Do had his own agenda and said make whatever you are hungry for.  I gave in :)

And boy was it good !!!  :0)  :0)  :0)  I don't eat this way often - I'd be as big as a house, but every once in awhile you just have to give in to cravings.

Since I'd worked so diligently getting things my projects ready, I spent Friday afternoon putting groceries away and making some of my weekend menu. 

Cream of potato soup - you can get the recipe here.  It's listed on the pin at Pinterest (frozen hash browns in crock pot at the bottom of the board).  Don't try to go on to the website, I did and it's not there.  

Roasted cauliflower soup - that recipe is here.

It makes the whole weekend feel more productive if you don't have to stop and fix dinner.  And fortunately for me, Honey Do doesn't mind.  We usually spend the weekends cleaning out the refrigerator of all the leftovers anyway.  So having things prepared ahead of time is good for all of us.  Meals are more relaxed and everyone just grabs what they want, when they want it and goes from there.  Sometimes there's enough leftover to go in the freezer for another time . . . for those days when you don't feel like cooking or don't know what to fix.

On to my projects . . .

No. 1 - Pumpkin Pin Cushions

This evening's entertainment:

I finished the pumpkins Saturday.

Newton has already claimed three of them - one for himself, one for his teacher and aide.  Both ladies are pretty special, so I didn't mind sharing the love.  The rest are going into My Love Stash

No. 2 - the baby afghan, at least until I ran out of yarn.

Wish you could feel how soft this yarn is.  I'm loving it.  We know this one is a boy, so the yarn is variegated blue, bright green (almost a lime) and white.  I may have to get more of this yarn and make one for myself.  I'm making it in a single crochet just to keep it more closed.  I'm liking the way it's coming out.

Once the yarn ran out, I pulled out the latch hook kit again.  It's starting to feel like I'm making some progress on this too.  It's a good fill-in when it's too late to start something new or just too late in the day for anything that requires too much thought.

For those of you that joined us, I hope you had a productive weekend.  FNSI is a good excuse to finish some of those projects you've been trying to finish.  I have a weekend out of town with Honey Do coming up soon, I'm already planning my projects to go with me.  I love sequestering myself in the room and just working away uninterrupted watch cable tv.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you a creative day.


Cheryll said...

Boo! I LoVe the baby pumpkins... I just finished a larger one too. Must be something in the air...
What size are your cushions? May have to make one myself...

e said...

here's the link for the free pattern and tute :)
well, it's the site, guess it won't link here. Template says approximately 5.5" x 2" for each segment. They were quick, easy and fun. It's autumn and halloween, so we're pretty much pumpkins and scarecrows from the end of September until the end of November. Have a good week.

Fiona said...

Lots of fun and different projects.... I love how so many crafters jump from one thing to another.... with a bit of food of course!!

e said...

Hi Fiona - have to keep our stamina to jump between projects. I find I do a better job on projects if I jump aroun. I get to that place of "hurry up - get it done" and then I'm unhappy with the results. If I jump around, take my time, I'm usually happy with the end results. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon. Love and hugs

Cheryll said...

Thanks for stopping over to see my pumpkin... I didn't have an email address to respond to you...sorry! :)