Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Wednesday - again !

Time just flies . . . I am staying so busy these days. I've let the laundry go over the weekend, so I'm playing catch up with that - almost there. I'm in the dumps with groceries and cooking, so I haven't been on my best game there either. Nothing sounds good, or I just don't feel like cooking. Must be cabin fever kicking in.

I also have a major distraction . . .

If we aren't going outside to potty and play, then we're cleaning up after and playing. She's been keeping my extremely busy and entertained :)  I love her to pieces.

She does nap, frequently, as she's only four months old. That has allowed me some creative time.

Yesterday, I shared a link for this design here.

I went to my favorite local craft store and purchased a box of 50 colored pencils.  I didn't know they came that many to a box, in different shades.  I was very happy. I'd been wanting to get new pencils and this project was the perfect excuse. I love that it's including coloring and not just stitching. It makes me feel like some of my favorite bloggers/pattern designers. Even if it's more on the low-tech side.

I have my first two patterns and supply list in a three-ring binder. Part of the organizational part of any project. Don't you just hate when you misplace part of your project and then can't work on it until you find it again. One more step.

The designs are graphed out for us, all we have to do is choose our colors. I chose to follow the suggested colors, but as in any quilt you can chose your own and that makes having these templates so helpful. They are a nice larger size so those of us in the bi-focal set can actually see what we're supposed to be doing. Mine are no-line, so you can't tell I'm in that set :)

And we are off to a good start.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

You ARE off to a good start! I'm envious that you are so organized in your thinking.

e said...

It's taken some time to get to that place. It continues to be a process. Thanks for your encouragement.