Friday, February 7, 2014

Slow weekend start

I missed the sign up for Friend Night With Friends, and Honey Do and I were trying to spend some time together without phones (texting), computers and kids :) So we had a quiet start to the weekend.

Friday was a very busy day for me.  But a good one.  The morning started with WOW (Women of Wonder) - my church Bible study.  My breakfast casserole was almost gone; there was plenty of time for fellowship and we made fleece blankets for the local pregnancy center.  Sorry no pictures, but here's the recipe for the Breakfast Casserole.

I didn't add the scallions, but I did add spinach maybe a cup. And a couple of extra eggs because it seemed too dry.  Yummy :)

Once I was done at church I ran my errands - the pups needed food.  Speaking of pups - we are adding a new one to our family.  My niece and her husband have her and with the new baby and both of them working full time they can't train her properly. And since I'm already in love with her, I said I would take her. 

 Meet Nina

I can't wait for her to arrive. She four months old.

So the rest of Friday evening I spent watching a really good - excellent - movie, while I worked on my blog and face book, etc.

It's a movie about teenagers who get in trouble and do community service in a prison and start and orchestra with the inmates.  Excellent, excellent, feel good movie. I found it in passing at the library.

Well, off to find some motivation, maybe I can lay a stitch or two.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to look up the movie. The cover seems familiar, but I know I haven't watched it. Your new pup is cute, and I know you didn't have enough to do, so this will take care of that. =)

e said...

It's an excellent movie - very up-lifting. The pup is adorable. She's got some adjusting, but we all do. Taz wasn't a puppy when we adopted him from the shelter, I missed having a puppy :)