Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

I hope everyone had a lovey Valentine's day.  Honey Do and I decided several years ago that we wouldn't buy into all the commercialization of this day. There are 364 other days in which to tell each other how much we love and care. I did however do some small things for him.  I purchased small treats to add to his lunch everyday. He in turn, took me to lunch after a meeting we had scheduled together. And for dessert this evening, I purchased a box of chocolate covered strawberries.

Aren't they beautiful? Yummy, too. As you can see, we sampled before I got a picture.

So onto my progress for my projects.

My main focus for the weekend was getting the first two blocks of the cross stitch "quilt" done.

Check ! Goal accomplished ! I'm amazed at how much time they took. I'm no novice at counted cross stitch, but there were A LOT of half crosses. But I'm excited with these two and can't wait for block number three to be published.  If you are interested in joining the fun, it's not too late. You can download the patterns here.

Something else I found when reading another blog was this challenge.

You can get all the information here. Basically, we are challenging ourselves to sew for 30 minutes every day during the 30 days of March and to make something for ourselves, whether it's articles of clothing or a quilt top. As long as it's for us. So we've got the rest of February to come up with some projects and supplies. Sounds like the perfect time to work on some UFOs :)

My sweet little pup is growing like a bad weed.

She's only been here a couple of weeks, but I can see the changes in her. Look at the size of those feet !! She has the sweetest, most expressive milk chocolate colored eyes.

And the sweetest disposition. :) And not just when she's sleeping.

So sweet :)

 I just love her to pieces. She and Taz are doing fairly well. Taz has his moments of jealousy and unfortunately will attack her, but so far, nothing major. They run and wrestle in the back yard and in the house. She's enjoying having a big back yard to run and explore.

 I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day and productive weekend. On to another week. There is no school tomorrow for President's day, so Newton will be keeping me company. The new year has brought more days home than in school - or so it seems to me.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Wishing you a creative week.
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Anonymous said...

I KNOW I have log cabin fever - and cabin fever, too! Your dog is cute, but she isn't going to be a midget!

e said...

No, she's not. But that's ok. We were told about 60 or 70 pounds. Can't seem to get away from the big dogs :)