Thursday, February 6, 2014

Uphill hump and beyond

One of the most absolute favorite things I love about blogging is being led to new artists, bloggers, crafts. . . You get the idea :)

Here's a new one, at least to me, that I want to share.  Michelle Palmer.

Isn't this the sweetest piece of art you've seen? Absolutely adorable. I've linked you to her blog. Her artwork is available for purchase. I love what she does. I haven't purchased any yet - only because I can't decide - but I will. I love things different and unique. That definitely describes her work. Have fun shopping.

There is an annual tradition in the north eastern states of the United States on February 1 - Groundhog Day. As a child growing up, I always thought it was fun. If the groundhog came out of his hole and saw its shadow there was six more weeks of winter. As an adult, I realized it doesn't matter if the shadow is seen or not, we still have six more weeks of winter. You adjust, you accept.

This is what we got up to this morning - 4-6 inches. The forecast was for at least that much more coming by rush-hour Wednesday evening. It was more, but not that much.

Honey Do has forbidden me to shovel the snow - he is concerned for my well-being.  I was permitted to shovel the apron that had been filled in by all the plowing that was done.  It was extremely heavy and took quite a bit of my energy to get just that small section done.

Our winter is different this year. It is more typical of what I grew up with:  cold, snow, blizzard-like conditions. Over the last 20 years or so, our winters have become extremely mild - warm, little snow. It has been blamed on "El Nino". I was watching a weather report the other night by a local, trusted forecaster. He stated this winter was going to become our "normal" for at least the next 20 years, probably longer. That doesn't always sit well with the majority, but I can tell you as a gardener (both flower and vegetable) and pet owner, that we really do need these winters.  The ground needs to freeze, a good freeze, in order to get a good rest, to kill all the unpleasant insects (fleas and mosquitoes); apples need a good freeze in order to abundantly produce; the snow melts and fills the water tables and lowers the amount of drought. I see this winter as more of a blessing than a curse.  I'm pretty sure from the comments I'm reading on Facebook and seeing on the news that I'm the minority. 

I'm grateful for this winter because it's allowed me more time at home to do the things that I need and want to do. I have spent more time sewing and crafting this winter than I have for a very long time. I'm looking forward to seeing my gardens thrive and produce like they haven't for quite a long time. 

Don't worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Matthew 6:34

I think I need to try my hand at designing and incorporate this verse into a stitchery.

Amazing what 24 hours looks like, isn't it? This was Thursday morning. As you can see in the foreground, the road is wet. Newton and I were out picking up dinner supplies. I stopped and took this picture because in the trees are Robins. Anyone that knows anything about northeast Ohio, knows that you don't see robins until spring. I'm going to have to do some research to figure out why they are here and now. Anyway, isn't that the most beautiful blue you've ever seen in the sky? Cold, but still a gorgeous day :)

Since I couldn't spend the morning with BFF due to the weather, and because I've had extra "company" this week, I spent Wednesday morning straightening up and put away some of my "piles". I have this really bad habit of setting things down, piling them up, to put away later.  Not a good plan.

I went through my pile, just to make more, smaller piles. It's mostly mail and paperwork that just needs to be filed away. Once I get them into smaller more manageable piles they are easy to take care of. This, of course, leads to dusting and vacuuming. But the chores were done before noon and that made me feel good and accomplished.

I was able to spend the majority of Wednesday stitching on Bethlehem.

Thursday afternoon was spent in the kitchen. I haven't had much enthusiasm for cooking lately, but I did today.

Chili and cornbread muffins for dinner . . .

Black forest cake for dessert :) Yes, it was that good :)

Tomorrow is Friday and it promises to be a busy day beginning with a breakfast casserole for my Bible study group. Looking forward to it, I missed it last month.

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Wishing you a creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you are right about the winter becoming the normal again. I know it's necessary for many places, but I will have to move to one where it isn't, because I just can't stand the cold - nor can I afford it! Love Black Forest Cake. Yours looks good. My husband used to call that my pile-it method of filing. LOL He made it sound like pilot. It works, that's all I care about. I do clear things every once in a while, but I know how far down in the pile something is, usually, so I have to be careful when I clean up! Thanks for the link to the new artist. I'm going to take a look. That is a cute Valentine.

e said...

Ohio has very finicky (sp?) weather. Usually we say wait 10 mins and it will change again :) I love that cake because it's quit and easy. It looks so elegant in it's simplicity. Honey Do was happy :) I have to be careful when I clean up too - many times the paperwok just ends up in another pile and then I can't find anything. I need to get better at the touch it once rule. Enjoy your shopping trip with Michelle. You won't be disappointed.