Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making progess

I've had extra company this week, consequently, my time is not my own, but I'm managing to get something done.

Monday started with a meeting of the planning committee for Vacation Bible School (VBS).  The projects that I chose were approved unanimously and we decided on the final three. We also had a discussion about a community service project for the older children.

I came home to make dinner.

super easy to make.  Dessert was a dump cake that turned out more like a crisp, but was still good. 

Started cutting out felt for VBS.

Valentine's day is coming, so I gathered supplies for a craft for my class.

I started Tuesday morning struggling, but once I got through that I found some mojo.

Quilt square - done, finally.

Tonight's dinner

I made a lighter version that only called for one cup of milk. I eliminated the cheese and just put it on top of who wanted it. I added a pack of frozen peas and I used tri-color penne.  But you'll find the recipe here. There's enough leftovers for each of my guys to have a serving tomorrow for lunch.

I managed to find some time to read too. All in all, a pretty good day. We're expecting 6-12 inches of snow by Wednesday evening.  BFF and I were going to try and get together, but the weather isn't cooperating. That means I should be able to get some things done. My goal is to finish Bethlehem, Block 1 done before the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

More snow? Ugh! I know I'm tired of the cold, even without the snow, so you must be REALLY tired of it. Love your heart block, of course. I'm amazed at how early you are planning for VBS, but amazed in a good way. Your hearts projects for Valentines looks like fun, too. You are one busy lady!

e said...

You always make me smile. I have to admit that I'm tired of the cold. The snow - not so much :) I'm a winter baby, so I actually like the snow. The snow we are getting this year actually makes me remember winters from my childhood and those are all pleasant memories.
As for VBS, the earlier the better. I tend to be a procrastinator, so it's better to start now. The other advantage I have this year that I really haven't in years passed, is that I have a lot of help. So in order to keep them motivated, I have to be on my best game.
Thank you, as always, for your encouragement.