Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Saturday

It has been a VERY productive Saturday. . . and that makes me very


Ran a couple of errands with Honey Do and worked on the garage to help with some of the flooding and drainage issues we're having from all the snow. 

Once that was done, the day was mine :)

I finished my second apron for the Apron Swap at the end of the month. Trying to stay on top of my commitments. VERY HAPPY with the end results. All I have left to do is get my recipe together. BFF joined me in this swap and are keeping each other in check because there are rules and we want to make sure that we abide by the parrameters that have been set. But it's so hard not to want to add something else to the package :)

Once the apron was finished, I drew off a couple of new designs for the Mountmellick embroidery that I am joining BFF in doing. I have to decide if I'll be able to go to the class with her or just do it on my own at home. It would be 100 miles round trip and I just don't know if I can manage that, even if it's only once a month.

On to my next commitment . . .

The Quilter's Garden. 

We are in the home stretch. This is the final block and next month we work on the finishing.

This isn't completely finished, but I was so excited to get this far I just had to share. The tree needs to be appliqued and the quilt needs to be tacked down. Those are 1/2 inch blocks on that quilt !!! I love it. It's not perfect, but it's mine :) 

Speaking of perfect, I was reading a blog earlier today that beautifully put perfect into perspective. You can find it here. Susan is a very good friend and I always appreciate her view on various topics and I make sure I read her blog on a regular basis. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me! I LOVE your DOD block! 1/2" You are amazing! I'll probably make something with one block on it. LOL. I haven't done that OR my apron. This week is going to be busy! It sounds like you are over the crud, and I'm happy about that. I look forward to seeing what you do with the embroidery. I know you can do it on your own. =)