Friday, March 27, 2015

VERY productive Friday

Once I finished stitching the December house block, I was able to focus on something else for an evening. I'm all caught up with Vintage Kitchen.

Friday afternoon was spent at church - sandwiching the House quilt.
I'm in love with the sashing and borders. It really helps make the blocks stand out on their own.
Friday night will be spent watching Netflix and finish stitching the label. 
I'm very excited about it too.

The mailman brought good stuff today :)
My apron swap came from Texas...

Isn't it gorgeous?

Mine arrived with a bonus - a matching tea towel. I'm so spoiled :)
Thank you Sheryl :) 
I absolutely love it !!!!!

You can tell it's the end of March in Ohio - we got snow today !!!!
This was taken from my kitchen window and is actually the neighbor's house, but the focus is the snow :(

"This, too, shall pass . . . "

I grew up with a saying:

"In like out a lion, out like a lamb."
and vice versa. 
I thought March came in like a lion, but then it's still a few days until March goes out. This may just be it's last hoorah for the season :)


dq said...

Don't you just love productive Fridays or productive "any days" for that matter? I love the apron as well as all the beautiful embroidery work.

Anonymous said...

It's been horribly windy here in TN, so it seems like early March here, too, but NO snow! I'm looking forward to a few days of sunshine, in fact. I can't believe your apron is there already - mine isn't even finished! Love the way your house quilt looks. You've been accomplishing so much. AND you're caught up with the Jenny blocks. Kudos to you!