Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Busy = Happy

My days are proving to be extremely busy now that vacations are done, school is back in session and Bible study is under way. I'm trying to be more faithful to my blog, which a long with reading my favorites, is keeping me motivated. To that end, I have to thank Susan at DesertSky Quilting because she does a weekly goal list. I used to and got away from it trying to "enjoy the journey/process". All that did for me was make me unfocused.

I'm a list person. I need to be able to check things off when I finish a task. I love having a visual for my daily progress.

I chose my UFO for this week on Sunday evening. I finished the armchair organizer and needed to "do" something. I put a few things away and found it in a pile of things I hadn't made a decision about. This adorable panel was purchased while I was still employed at JoAnn's - more than 20 years ago. I purchased two, as I usually did, one for me and one for BF. I'm making them and hers will be for her birthday in October.

The rains on Saturday brought a cold front through. We were blessed with cooler temps and even cooler ones forecast. The mid-afternoon tree shades are nice and long, skies are mostly clear and the backyard is a great resting place before I begin dinner preparations.

After dinner I got to work on the UFOs. The first step is adding stabilizer to all the pieces - a very time consuming process. It's a necessary step. The rest of the evening was spent cutting out all the pieces - or as many as I can.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


Allie-oops Designs said...

Hm....I'm a list-maker too. I need to get back to doing that with my stitching. Too many times I'm working on something new, and not finishing what I've already started!! I'm loving this cooler weather, hope you are too!

Wendyb said...

I think Susan's onto something Edi! and you are too! Love your little sewing pocket from your last post too......great little gift to make too.... Maybe a tutorial????? hmmmmmm??????? heehee Love ya and miss ya girl
xox sugary hugs
Wendy :o)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Not that I'm getting much done this week, either. LOL A little sickness, a little social life, and there you go, list down the tube. Be prepared to see most of it again next week. =) I love your panel photo. I have no idea what it is going to be, but I'll know it when I see it, right? LOL I wish WE would get some rain. It's been more than two weeks and my yard is drying up, flowers are dead, etc.