Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy Weekend

Good Morning, Everyone.

It was an extremely busy weekend.  It started by spending time with Honey Do before all the weekend madness began.  We had a nice quiet evening and dinner.  So love that man :)

Friday night was also FNWF. I somehow missed the sign ups for that, but don't we have FNWF every Friday?  I'd like to think so. But look out for the next one here.

Saturday, I spent the morning at the grocery store and doing my usual chores. The shopping trip was not originally planned, but I needed supplies to make lasagna for my niece and nephew-in-law and greats' visit on Sunday.  Lasagna also turned into stuffed shells with leftover filling and a meatloaf because I purchase a large package of ground beef. I also made a red velvet cake for dessert, frosted with pink frosting and valentine sprinkles.

Sunday's visit was to bring me a new companion.

This is Nina. She's four months old and will grow to be about a 70 pound "little" girl.
Adjusting is a bit of a challenge. Taz really liked being a spoiled pup and is having issues sharing attention, but we're working on it. They'll be fine and be good buddies for each other. Niece couldn't keep her any more because of work schedules and growing family. Isn't she sweet?

I have a finish to share with you :)

I should have pressed, but was so excited to finally have block 1 of Bethlehem finished, I just had to share. I took A LOT of creative stitching liberty with this one . . . I hope Natalie will like it. I plan on sharing these photos with her.

Baby chicks and bull #2 - hair :)

Donkey's mane

All the chickens were male, I made one of them female by stitching her comb in pink and I gave her a set of "pearls".

So excited to be finished with this block. I was surprised how much stitching I really had to do. This project is not for the faint of heart. We'll be putting some time into this one.

And a new project . . .

Crafters have a very hard time working in just one area of design. So I'm adding counted crosstitch. I did quite a bit of it years ago. Then I stepped away and haven't really been interested for quite a few years. Until I found this idea.

The design is based on Lori Holt's Barn Along. So I'm excited to have another project to work on in between all the other monthly goals.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Embroidery additions to Bethehem look wonderful. My son would like to come visit while you have Red Velvet cake. LOL

Wendyb said...

Oh sweety.....I soooo love your creative liberties!!!.....How wonderful they look you clever chicky, you!!!! and I'm liking the look of the cross stitch too.....you're encouraging me to start something else!!!! *eek*....but wouldn't it be a lovely addition to the craft room wall???? hmmmm...will have to check my stash!!! So glad puppy Nina arrived safe and sound and is settling in! Love and big sugary hugs xox :o)

e said...

Thank you. I'm relieved the first block is done. Cake - unfortunately, they ate it all. Maybe next time :) The door is open. LOL

e said...

Thank you, Wendy. Unfortunately, the creative liberties also add time to a project so I'm relieved that the first block is done. I thought it would be a fun little distraction between all the bigger projects like Bethlehem. We need small ones to keep us encouraged and moving forward. Nina, lovin' that little girl. She's so much fun. We missed having a puppy :) Love and big hugs back to you.