Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day Weekend.
I have found that as I get older, I'm much more aware of what things mean and how we perceive them.

As a young person, working retail, it was another day to work. It was another excuse for a "sale". Can I tell you I really don't miss working retail and I do my best not to shop on those days too. 
These days are set aside to help us remember our past, our history, our present, what we have now. For this particular day, it's to remember all those that sacrificed their lives for the lives we enjoy, the freedoms we have. Freedom isn't free, someone has paid the price.

I'm also extremely grateful for what I have . . . my family, mom, Honey Do. I wouldn't be the person I am without very special people in my life and I don't need a holiday to know how blessed I am.

Christ paid the ultimate price for our salvation.

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Wishing you a creative, blessed day.

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