Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rain . . .

rain . . .


And more rain. The barrel filled yesterday and last night. It rained off and on all day and stormed most of the night. We don't really have a rainy season, but it seems like most of our rain comes in the early spring, after the winter thaw. The ground is already saturated and we pray that we don't have excessively dry summers. And since we have city water and have to pay for it, I collect rain water and water from the fish tank to water the gardens.

We're expecting more rain over night tonight. So to that end, I worked in my flower bed today. 
This is the result after I pulled all the weeds and dandelions. Looks really sad, but I was too embarrassed by how bad it looked before I started to even show you that. This is about half the length of the garden. It runs most of the front of the house.

Newton came home from school and helped me mulch. Looks so much better. The whole garden needs to be re-worked and new plants added or moved around or something, but I'm trying to decide if I want to keep this garden going. The deciding factor this year has been my rose bushes. I wasn't sure if they were going to survive the winter. 
These are my two favorite bushes. The pink one my mom gave me for mother's day several years ago and a red one Honey Do purchased and encouraged me initially to try my hand at growing roses. I've had to cut them down almost to the ground because all of last years canes died off over winter. That's not happened in the 14 years we've lived in this house.

My irises are budding :)

These Narcissus are in full bloom and I need to tie them up so they don't expire on the ground in all the moisture.

So now we sit and wait for the rain that's forecast overnight and stitch. I'm working through my goal list daily, catching the things I didn't do yesterday today and so on. Making progress and that's what keeps me going. 

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