Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Other projects

Unfortunately, stitching, sewing and crafting are not the only projects around home that need my attention. I've been working out in the garden, which I've kept you updated. I started concentrating on the vegetable garden this week because it will be planted over the long weekend.

There is also a major project that I've been putting off for about six or seven years now :( 
I think I was secretly hoping that Honey Do would do it for me. . . 

Painting and finishing my kitchen. 


About seven years ago, Honey Do suggested that we take our tax refund and update and remodel the kitchen to provide more cupboard and counter space. He wasn't working at the time and got it all put in. However, we never stained the cabinets or painted the walls.  Honestly, I HATE painting. It takes me a very long time and I just don't enjoy the process. But I stopped working outside our home full time about six years ago and ever spring I promise myself I'm going to get this project done. And here we are, six years later, and it's still not done.

I've been washing walls, emptying the counter and getting things prepped to get this project done this week. We are at a place in our home that every room needs attention - meaning walls washed and repainted. So I've decided to take it one at a time and get them done. Time to find the paint brushes . . . 

* * * * *

I am working my way through my goal list this week. There are several things done and this morning I added one more. Block 7 and 8 of Quilty Stitches are done.

* * * * *
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