Sunday, May 25, 2014

Playing catch up

Thursday morning . . .

On my way to visit with BFF and have breakfast. This was about 9 a.m. It was chilly and pretty overcast. But lovely shades of grey.

I left BFF about 11 a.m. We had a very nice visit and both of us had projects to share and show progress on. I'm on my way to see Mom. Look at the blue sky and all the lovely greens. With my sunglasses on, I would have described these greens as chartruese :)

I had a lovely visit with Mom too. I'd been working around the house and gardens quite a bit this past week, so the break with two of my favorite people was a great reward.

And this is my ride home . . . Aren't those skies just gorgeous. So much sunshine and color to enjoy and the temperatures warmed considerably by early afternoon.  Stop for salads for dinner and my day was complete.

I spent getting more gardening supplies. Honey Do and I are planning on tilling the vegetable garden. Memorial Day weekend is usually the bench mark for being safe from any more killing frost and many people work on their yards to get them in shape for summer - if they haven't already. We've been mowing for several weeks and I've been weeding and mulching.  And since this past week has been cooler, I've been painting too. Anyway, I got more mulch and a few more plants. They are finally starting to drop in price. Newton is spending the weekend with my sister, so the house is extrememly quiet, except for the dogs :)

* * * * *

When I left Friday morning to run my errands, I found this beauty in my garden.

Quite a few years ago I purchased a grouping of irises in various colors. Only about half have survived, including this gorgeous brown :)

I finished painting the kitchen and took Newton to my sister's for the weekend. Honey Do and I are looking forward to some quiet time.

While we waited for Sister, we found some company.
It's spring, so babies are in abundance. Unfortunately, this is a very busy area, so I'm always fearful for their safety because not everyone appreciates wildlife.

* * * * *
Saturday was mostly relaxing. I spent my free time stitching.
I even managed to finish this block. 

When there wasn't free time, we were in the yard and garden.  Honey Do took us to the local big-box store and purchased a new roto-tiller. We have a small one, but he said it would take all day to till the vegetable garden. So he got one that was twice a big and only took about an hour to accomplish our goals.

I still have straightening to do, but it's tilled and will make planting so much easier!

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing. He enjoys a couple of different on-line games and I was catching up on videos and stitching. I'm trying to get through my goal list for May. With dogs you have to take them outside to run the perimeter of your yard, so with each trip to the back yard, I managed to straighten the garden or plant something, etc.


I'm trying to get my yard to a place where I can enjoy and relax in it, and not spend so much time working it.

I enjoy my flowers, especially in spring.

Pink Peony tree


* * * * *

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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