Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mid Week

I can't believe it's Wednesday already . . . Time is just flying.

It was a little warmer and dryer today so I managed to spend a little time outside this afternoon. My morning was otherwise spoken for and while I was out at appointments I stopped at a local garden center to shop for some vegetable plants and flowers.

Yesterday, while I was outside clearing some of the sticks and "winter" debris, I kept looking at a tree stump. Part of the stump was hollowed out, one of the main reasons the tree had to come down a couple of winters ago. Honey Do was talking about taking it down all the way, but I had a better idea . . . 

I picked up a geranium and snap dragons and planted them in the hollow. I've already set up my Adirondack rocking chairs and am making a place to sit and relax in my back yard. Isn't it pretty :) Makes me very happy.

I haven't gotten much stitching done today, but I did finish another block for the Tilda quilt.

Mother's day came a few days early for me this year. Honey Do ordered this precious beauty for me.

"Queen Bee"

Isn't she beautiful?

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Wishing you a creative day.

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