Monday, July 7, 2014

Feeling special

Do you ever have those times in your life, week, day, when someone unexpectedly makes you feel special?  I have. In fact, recently, it feels like a lot. A couple of months ago, my youngest niece (mid-20s) asked my sister and I to go to a craft fair with her. We had a great time.

Today, my oldest niece (early 30s), sent me a message asking about plants and gardening. I'm no expert, but I know enough to get in trouble (as BFF always tells me). I was able to give her the advice that she requested. It made me feel special. Just had to share.

These are my niece's before and after pictures of her garden - she spent the afternoon and evening working in the garden with the help of her husband and two of her sons. They did an amazing job. Her only exposure to gardening was my mom and myself and her dad. Her dad puts in an amazing vegetable garden every year. We'll conquer that with her later :) I'm just so proud of "my girls". They are amazing mommies and working women.

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(image found on FaceBook)

Yes, this is how today feels and started. Life can be very frustrating and things don't always go the way they should or you thought they should. So I pulled up my boot straps and moved on. And when I'm feeling like this the best thing I can do is keep my hands busy. 

I started in the garden and pulled a trash can full of weeds. Good timing since the trash gets picked up on Tuesday. And there will be more :) Weeds are almost under complete control (who am I kidding?).

Sunday, I took a break from the secret project and worked on samples for Vacation Bible School and started another scrap fabric rug.

Monday, I'm back to my "secret" project and now I'm sewing crabs :)

The fish are all done and we decided to add a little something extra and came up with the crabs. I'm just sewing them up, someone else is doing all the cutting. She's almost done, so I thought I better get busy before I get too far behind. She has more for me to do. VBS begins on Monday - please keep us in your prayers.

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