Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday, Monday . . .


"Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee. . . " **

That today would be a good day from start to finish :(

It started out well enough. Honey Do left for work around 6, empty washer and dryer, go back to bed. Newton woke me at 7:30, but I convinced him I wasn't ready yet, so nap some more. When we finally got up, he was extremely cooperative, got some chores done and we headed out to . . . oh wait . . .
I completely forgot he had a doctor appointment and we are on the wrong side of town and should be there . . . now !!!!

That was how my day started !! The rest of it went fairly well. We made the appointment before the next patient came in. Then we headed back to our original destination. I had some paperwork to drop off.

The building is an old bank that's been renovated to become office space. This is the ceiling on the ground floor and the elevator. They don't make them like this anymore. We have a lot of old architechture that is being renovated and retro-fitted for occupation. I love that they are not being torn down and rebuilt with newer more modern buildings. The office we visited had a great mix of the new and old for a very pleasing, efficient environment.

We went up to the ninth floor and had a great view of the city - downtown and Lake Erie. Newton had a great time just site-seeing while I took care of business.

* * * * *

Bethlehem - Block 8; the pattern doesn't call for the tassle on his fez, but I felt it needed it. Slow but sure progress is being made. I've got some surprises in mind for this block. All of them have something special to make them stand out and this one will be no exception. Very excited :)

* * * * * 

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* Image from the Internet.
** Lyrics from "Monday, Monday" found on the internet.


Wendyb said...

hope that was the end of your Monday woes!!! Bethlehem's looking grand....cant wait to see 'your take'! xox sugary sweet ones :o)

e said...

I actually survived Monday without any more issues :) I absolutely LOVE Bethlehem. Wish I were as far along on Little Stitches, you're winning that race :)
Love and hugs, Sweet Lady :)