Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Muggy Buggy Tuesday

Today's forecast - 90s, no clouds.
No Clouds?
Temperatures were in the mid 80s by 11 a.m. !!!
Muggy . . .
Buggy . . . 
Flies are biting and it's too hot and humid to even sit in the shade. Gardening will wait for a cooler day.
So grateful for a/c :)

* * * * * 

Since it's too hot to do much else, my friend Jackie and I went to the thrift store. Newton had other obligations, so it freed up some time for us. This is the fun part of my haul :) I also found three pairs of jeans and a couple of shirts for Newton for back to school. You can't beat a couple of dollars for jeans that are in decent condition. I'm pretty picky, so they end up looking almost like new.

I found a couple of great linens. This one is hand embroidered and ticketed at 69 cents !!! What a shame, but what a great find for me.

A gorgeous set of linen placemats and napkins. I'm thinking about doiong some stitchery on them and giving them as a gift. Ticketed at $3.69.
The little crock was marked at $1.01.

I just love jars and pots and crocks with lids. My favorite color is blue or a combination of blue and yellow. How could this not have been waiting for me? Absolutely love it !!!!
Ticket price - 60 cents !!!!

Another great find for anyone who crochets doilies or does tatting. $3.63 for this cotton crochet thread. There are a dozen rolls and a metal crochet hook !!!! Maybe it's time to learn to tat or make doilies? OR give it to my sister, who already knows how :)

All totaled:  $15.16 :) 
I had a 50% off total purchase coupon !!!
I'm a happy girl :)


* * * * * 

I've watched a couple of really good movies the last couple of nights. If you haven't seen them, check them out.


Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas - serious movie, but really good.

Finding Normal - a romantic comedy, again, really good.

* * * * * 

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

I read the Patterson book. Very different from his Alex Cross mysteries. What a haul you made! I wondered what you would do with the crochet thread. Your shop is a lot more reasonable than any around here!

e said...

It's amazing that one person can have so many different ideas when it comes to writing. For a long time I wouldn't read the Alex Cross books because they are so graphic, but they are good stories. The more romantic stories have made great movies, as well a good reads.
Budget restrictions keep me from shopping the thrift store too frequently, but it's that time of year when they publish 50% off coupons - can't afford not to shop then b/c the coupons are for your total purchase, not just one or two items.:)