Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Most of the day was spent waiting for the promised rain, storms and cold front. It's been so hot and especially humid the last few days that we were praying for the relief.

It finally came about 4 this afternoon and kept on going. The cold front arrived around 8 along with a tornado warning. Because we are in such an urban area, that's not usually a huge concern, but that doesn't mean the conditions can't be set up just right.


These were all taken in just a couple of minutes. The clouds were moving very quickly, winds were picking up and it was raining. So grateful that there was no tornado and the gardens all got a good soaking the last couple of days since it's been raining off and on since Friday evening. The yard always looks best after a rain and Newton has been doing a good job working on a brush pile in our back yard that needs to be removed.

* * * * *

Not much on the crafting front. I pulled out Block 8 of Bethlehem and started it.

Not much progress yet. Need to get my focus back.

* * * * *

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Wishing you a creative day.


Wendyb said...

I'd say you were a bit preoccupied with that forecasted're up to block 8 so not long to go now....I'm yet to quilt you'll probably still beat me!
xox sugary sweet ones full of love
Wendy :o)

Anonymous said...

Good start on number 8! Tornadoes don't seem conducive to calm stitching. =)

e said...

Nothing became of the warning - praising God :)
I've done pretty good keeping up with one block a month, so I'm happy. There was a really easy one early on that helped :)
Still have to decide how I want to finish, so not so sure about getting there before you. Remember, you were my inspiration to begin this one :)
Love and hugs back to you. edi

e said...

Well, my lack of stitching had nothing to do with the weather but more my lack of attention. It's summer, I'm having a difficult time staying focused with school being out and extra company :)