Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting back to routine

Oh, how I love my routines :) There is so much comfort in having a routine. Minimizes the stress. I was able to attend VBS today (was fearful yesterday that I wouldn't) and things went much better and more smoothly. We are seeing record numbers in attendance and supplies were plentiful today. Lord is answering prayers, too, for my replacement(s). I've talked to two different ladies that I feel would make a good team. Both are artistic and crafty. And, I believe, that the Lord has sent them for this purpose because I've never worked with either of them in VBS crafts. 

This is the craft for Thursday. It was supposed to be a rainbow, but the instructions made it too complicated for first through third graders, so one of the "prospects" modified the design and this is one of two ideas. I made this one this afternoon just to do it. We have to be prepared in case the children need help. I don't know if I'll be there, but I'm ready.

I was gifted today with this beautiful quilt square. The children in fourth through sixth grade are doing a community service project and coloring with permanent markers the squares that will then be quilted and donated to a local shelter that our church sponsors. One of the teachers in the fourth grade class thought someone should do a palm tree. No one at her table had chosen to do it. She went on to tell us that she grew up in Trinidad. I absolutely loved her work and being the sweet lady that she was, she signed it and gifted it to me. 

I've never been to Trinidad, but I have been to the Bahamas and would go back in a heartbeat. The locals are some of the kindest people I've ever encountered and remember my trip fondly. I was also fortunate enough to go to Hawaii last year and again, fondly remember the locals as kind and caring (and not just because their livelihood depends on it - they genuinely are). Obviousely, both places have palm trees so this work of art will serve as a token and I am going to have it framed and displayed in my home.

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My spring, bargain plants are doing beautifully. We've had some really warm days (in the 90s) and they are managing to survive. We've also had enough rain that I very rarely have to water. The colors are amazing !!!

* * * * *

I have a finish for this month !!! I needed something small for myself and found a tutorial on a blog (that I, of course, didn't record the name of . . . duh !!!). Anyway, I made these place mats out of scrap fabric - just to play. I'm rather pleased with the end result.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, looks like your dog had a finish, too. Cute key chain. If I were there, I'd make one, too. Love the palm tree and how significant palms are in scriptures. I know all will be well with you.

Wendyb said...

God blesses us in so many ways doesn't He? We've just got to remember.....His plan when we can't figure things out ourselves....it's already sorted! So hard to do sometimes! Look at that little girl....cheeky monkey! LOL Your flowers look gorgeous...looking forward to spring!
xox sugary hugs sweet friend :o)

e said...

Thank you, Susan. The key chain was a huge hit with the kids on Wednesday. So much so, that we think maybe next year we'll just give them a length of lacing and a bowl of beads and let them just be creative :)

e said...

Wendy, you are always such a light and encourager. Can't thank you enough. Yes, all in HIS time. He has blessed me incredibly this week with children and adult workers coming forward and stepping in. What a blessing and relief. I surely am blessed !!!