Thursday, August 15, 2013

Autumn-like Thursday

We are having quite the run of autumn-like weather this week.  I'm really enjoying the sunshine, breezes in my window and the big, white puffy clouds.

It's "Friday Night Sew-In" with my friends in Australia.  Since they are a day ahead of us, it's time to work on projects that need time, attention and finishing.

This is my project that I will be working on.  It's a flannel quilt for great-nephew #9 who was born on the 6th and is coming to see his "favorite auntie" (even though he hasn't met me yet - "cheeky" smile, as they say in Australia).  So it really needs to get done.

and this

Block #4 of Beauty from

No new recipe tonight.  Super, simple dinner.  Chicken nuggets, fresh salad (broccoli and peppers from the garden finished off the store bought veggies) and oven baked fries.  Everyone is sated and full.

Well, off to my FNSI.  

Thanks for stopping by......

Wishing you a productive FNSI.


Wendyb said...

can't wait to see how you went Edi!!! xoxoxo
sugary hugs

e said...

Miss you, Wendy B :)