Thursday, August 22, 2013

Busy Hump Day

We started out with an extremely busy day.  Newton and I took my laptop in for repair.  The closest shop is 30 minutes from home.  So our morning was spent driving, delivering and driving some more.

Once we got home, I worked some more on drawing off "Long Ago in Bethlehem".  The designer of this series is Nataisha Curtin of Smee Designs (  I've had the privilege of conversing with Nataisha through email and not only is she talented, but she's a very sweet lady.

So here's the process.  Some of the patterns needed to be pieced together before drawing them off.

Honey Do made me this HUGE light box.  Am I ever grateful for it because I don't have to move my work around in order to get it done.

Nataisha is very detailed in her instructions, so I have no doubt that this project will move along smoothly.  The stack in the back are the designs from this project that I've already drawn off.  I don't normally draw everything off at one time, but decided to this time so I didn't have to keep dragging the light box out.

Next is a list of all the DMC floss required to do this project - most, of course, I don't already have in my stash.  I also draw off my designs with a fine point micron pen (.005) in the light brown.  Makes stitching so easy.  I had to run out this morning and get a new one because of all the drawing I've done.  There are 12 blocks in this project to be drawn off.  Some a small and some are rather large.

I love this block.  As you can see, the design has a bit of a humorous bent.  They can't decide which direction they should go (even though the star in the background has an arrow pointing them in the right direction).

One the light box to be drawn off.....

All finished.

Now on to the last two.  They'll be done later today.  Tomorrow, I will go and get my floss and get started.  Not sure how this is going to finish up, except that I have decided to keep it the size of a wall hanging.

Check out yesterday's blog for the details on where to get the patterns.  You can also purchase all the patterns in one kit from Smee Designs.

Thanks for stopping by.....

Wishing you a creative hump day.


Anonymous said...

I love that design, too, and have them saved. I hope to find time to make them next year, put myself on a block of the month schedule. I think this design will be around for a long time!

e said...

the more I work with this series the more I love it. I have some fun ideas to work into it.