Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Update

This is Newton's least favorite time of year:

Especially when Mom does her little ditty about how many more days.  I refrained from singing said ditty until today.  School begins on Tuesday.  It's hard to believe for all intents and purposes, our summer is over regardless of what the calendar says.

Newton and Missy decided to go for a short walk in preparation for the upcoming school year.  I have resolved (again) to begin walking daily.  Missy is a bit over-weight, so I think she'll be joining me and see what we can accomplish.  

Procrastination runs in the family :)  Newton didn't want to mow, so kept putting it off.  Since school is beginning next week and at least a portion of this chore will fall to me, we decided that he should do it again before school starts and the routines change.

It was a gorgeous day as you can see from the sunshine.  Laundry was hung out to dry.  Now I just need to get it put away.

Yesterday, I showed you the sunflowers on this project.  I'm hoping still to complete the corn stalks this evening (it's 10 p.m. EST - regardless of what this blog says).  I've missed my computer this week, so I spent the evening catching up on Pinterest and ordering Honey-Do's birthday gift.  It's amazing how expensive shipping is when you have to add express deliveries to ensure you get it on time.  I need to plan better.  This has been an expensive month with the insurance deductible, vehicle licensing and just every day household expenses.  September will start off with school supplies, fees and pictures.

Dinner tonight was super simple and perfect for a meatless and keep-the-oven-off kind of day:

Stuffed Tomatoes

Get some good size tomatoes.  Cut the tops off and keep them for lids.  I even left the stem on them for color.
Hollow out the tomatoes - these are your bowls.  I'm keeping the "guts" to add to tomotoe sauce when the tomatoes are abundant for freezing.  

Make your favorite stuffing.  We had tuna fish salad and egg salad (because I don't care for tuna).
Fill the tomatoes to capacity.  Top with the "lid".

Serve chilled.  I added refrigerator cresent rolls to round out the plate and also made devilled eggs because I had plenty of eggs and we hadn't had them in awhile.  My BFF told me they also have garlic bread with them which also sounds really good.

Give it a try, hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by.....

Have a creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

Love Deviled Eggs~my husband made the best ever, so I don't often have them now, as they disappoint slightly, but once in a while, I find really good ones! What a busy life you are leading. You're making some progress on those corn stalks, and in no time, the whole block will be done. School here started two weeks ago, but I don't even think about it any more. I thought I would miss it every year, but I don't!

e said...

My family loves them. I don't care for hard boiled eggs but they are so easy to make and make my guys happy.

:) the corn stalks are done :) I'm working on the scarecrown and wagon now. And thinking about how I would like to finish this one up. It's definitely going to be a wall hanging.

Thanks for all your encouragement and feedback. It is most apprecaited.