Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seimi-productive day.....

My day started out with a job interview.  I haven't worked in a year and a half.  Now I have to decide after doing some research if I'm going to take the job.  It's only temporary, and that's ok with me.  Just not sure if it's the right thing for me to be doing.  I like my freedom and time to pick and choose what I want to do and when.

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Today was Honey Do's birthday.  After my interview, I went and picked up his favorite food:  Sushi.   Then I got him an oreo cake.

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We had a nice quiet dinner together.  Later in the evening we made fresh coffee and had cake.

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He enjoyed his gifts too.  Chose a couple of things from
Got my order yesterday and got it ready.  This company is fast and very professional.  Both of us were very please with his gifts.

I spent the afternoon working on some mending - one of my least favorite past times.  That pile never seems to go do.  I spent the evening working on my scarecrow stitchery.  No, it's still not done, but I'm in the home-stretch.


These are just two of the sections that are already finished.  I left the scarecrow for last and he's about 1/2 done.  So I'm working to get the stitchery done by tomorrow and then finish the wall hanging over the weekend.  Here's hoping.

Thanks for stopping by....

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Wishing you a creative Friday.


Wendyb said...

happy birthday to Mr Honey Do for yesterday!! Sounds like it was a wonderful day after all! Still some deciding to do, but that's ok! Love that do what I do....leave the favourite bit till last...that way you have something to look forward to! hee hee
Cant wait to see it finished!
xox have a fab day
Wendy :o)

e said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes - you are too kind.

I try to pick out the sections that, for lack of a better word, will be boring. I guess they just take too long for my ADD personality to appreciate. If I do the "fun" stuff first, then chances are pretty good I won't finish the project.

Thanks for your encouragement.