Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend Plans

We have a holiday this weekend - Labor Day - is Monday.  If you are fortunate to have the weekend off, please enjoy and stay safe.  For the most part, society deems this weekend as the official end of summer even though the calendar says another few weeks.  Rain is forecast beginning overnight.  This does not offend me or put me out too much.  Honestly, I like the rain because it's an excuse to stay indoors and do what I love.

This morning started out working on Newton's quilt.

Remember the baby quilt I finished a few weeks ago, well.....

there's enough blocks left for a second baby quilt (which is pinned and ready to be quilted) and a twin size for Newton.

My day started out sewing two more rows of blocks together and one of the rows was added to what is already done.

My goal is to have the top done today.  I had to leave for a bit.  I brought lunch back for Honey Do and myself.  Not the most healthy meal, but one of my absolute favorites:  he had a Reuben and fresh squeezed lemonade and I had a chicken cordon bleu and diet cola.  I'd show you the sandwiches, but we scarfed them down :)

I managed to get a load of clothes out on the line, before the rains come in and Newton is going to spend the weekend with his aunt.

So off to the dungeon - oh, I mean my "studio" and get busy on the rest of that quilt if I want to get the top done today.

Thanks for stopping by

Wishing you a creative, restful weekend.

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