Monday, January 27, 2014

Artic blast - Round 2

Winter appears to be here to stay for us this year.  We are experiencing another round of sub-zero temperatures and wind chills are expected in the -40 range again. There is no school today, so we'll struggle to find things to keep us busy without spending all day watching television or playing video games. The hard part with this kind of weather is that you really don't have much motivation to do anything. Having said that morning chores are done and plans for the day will be as moods dictate. I have projects to work on, so I'm not too worried.

First on the list is to finish another quilt block from the "Hearts" series.

I have located 7 of 12 blocks. I don't know if I have the last 5 or not. I'm still a bit disorganized, but have decided that I'm not going to stress about it. Once these are done, I will put them in a bin and set them aside. I can start on another series and as I sort through and reorganize my sewing space I will keep a watch for them. If I locate the other by the end of the year, I'll finish them. If I don't then I will drop back to a contingency plan for finishing the project and either make a wall hanging or a quilt following that plan.

Unfortunately, I didn't get this done today, but you see what's first on the list tomorow :)

Second, I'm working on Bethlehem. My goal is one block per month. There are only a few days left in this month, so I need to kick that goal into high gear.

I feel like I'm making progess. I finished the camel. . . 

Don't you just love those eye lashes?  I do :)

Third, I want to start a new quilt.  Here is the link. Block #2 will be published around the first of February.

This is block one and the instructions say can be completed in a weekend. Just have to make the time to do it. Unfortunately, that didn't get done either but I do have my fabrics chosen.

My penny mat is on display.  I am very pleased with my end result of this one.  It took longer to make than I thought it would, but that's ok. It's a finish !!

So even with the weather throwing yet another wrench in the works, we are managing to find things to do, stay busy and productive. What are your plans and goals for the week? Hopefully, you are warm or staying warm. If you are dealing with the same weather conditions we are, please stay safe.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a productive day.


Anonymous said...

Don't you love that row of snowmen? It really will go fast. I'm trying to decide if my mittens quilt needs a header of snowmen! Love your camel. I don't know how you even stay warm inside in those temperatures! I'm imagining ice cubes coming from the water faucets.

Rosie said...

Love the lashes on the camel. I'm doing this one as well!

Fiona said...

you have some lovely projects.... I hope you can get some of them done to cheer up over th elong winter you have been having..
fantastic camel lashes....

e said...

Mittens and snowmen just beg for each other's company :)
Thank you, my camel has led to more creativity - can't wait to share that with you.
Wednesday will be day number 6 of no school since Christmas break - technically, it should be a make up day, but the govenor is working on adding "calamity" days. Newton doesn't feel he should be "punished" with additional days at the end of the year because of the weather. I don't think they'll have to make it up. We are staying warm, but barely. Trips outside are very quick for us and the pups. Wishing you blessings.

e said...

Not sure if you have a blog, but I'm going to check. I'd love to see what you've done. Thanks.

e said...

Thank you, Fiona. I'm working feverishly on new and old projects. Winter is a very good time to play catch up because the yard and the gardens aren't demanding more of your time. I know you have been very busy as well. Wait until you see what else I've done to this block. So excited :) Blessings.