Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Breakfast with BFF

My day started today with breakfast with BFF.

We are trying really hard to get together every couple of weeks.  Face to face helps encourage our friendship and gives us someone to share all of our projects and progress.

We shared this quilt block of the month that I purchased years ago.  These were done annually at JoAnn Fabrics and the packaging was dated (1999, for this one)  I only have six or seven of the 12 blocks.  I can't remember if I purchased them all and they got separated or if I was only able to find the ones I have.  I'm going to keep looking, sorting, cleaning, organizing and purging.  If I don't find the rest, then I'm going to make a wall hanging (BFF's suggestion) from the ones I do have.  

I still have a long way to go in line up and matching points, but my attempts all those years ago aren't half bad.  I have one of the unfinished ones on the sewing table waiting to be finished.

This one is almost done.  I stitched on one of the hexie flowers to the pouch today and added some decorative buttons.  I'm hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow.  The red dot has a lot of sizing in it, so it's very stiff and hard to sew through.  And I'm not comfortable using a thimble, so that just adds to the problems because of callouses and cuts from the needle.

I started a new project yesterday.  You can find the tutorial here.

My first step was to draw off some kind of pattern.  So I followed the suggestion to use a dinner plate and that got me both the outer and inner circles.

I used plain white copy paper to try and make a pattern for the scalloped edge.  Not sure yet if I'm going to use it.  I just know that I can't cut that border free handed.  And I think they are too deep on my pattern.  So I'll continue to debate.

I found a package of various size wooden heart cutouts at my neighborhood craft shop, so I used those to make the hearts, that I then cut out of paper so I could pin that pattern to the wool. 

One I got all my components together, I laid everything out.  I wanted to make sure the spacing was good.

I also got a pretty good idea of what it's going to look like finished.  So do you think the scallops are too deep?  I'm still debating.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.



P.S.  It's still REALLY cold, brrrrrrr......


Anonymous said...

I think the scallops are excellent. It looks very much like a penny rug project this way. You are so fortunate to have a quilty friend to meet for breakfast. If I did, I'd even brave this horrible cold to go meet her! You could make another of each of the blocks you already have, and still make a quilt from it. A wallhanging works, too, depending on what you really want from all that. I'll bet you can still find similar fabrics in the civil war aisle of a good quilt shop, or online ... or in the scrap bags of quilty friends!

Wendyb said...

Oh Edi, I love it just the way it is!!! What a great project!!!.....wish I could be there to have breakfast with you two!!!! Wouldn't that be nice!!!!!??? Great to see the oldies getting worked on....I found some of mine in my guessed old as yours, if not older!!! LOL
xox big sugary ones hun :o)

e said...

I count my blessings for the friendship we have and someone to share all the creative juices. It takes someone very special to put up with all the ramblings :) Those are wonderful suggestions. I haven't looked for the fabric yet, but I know that at least the white on muslin print IS still available because I've purchased it. I thought if nothing else, I might do as you suggested and use similar prints or event just solid color blocks. Work in progress. I still have several others that will make quilts, so I'm not overly concerned if this one goes in a different direction. Lots of food for thought. Thank you. Love'n'hugs.

e said...

I'd love to have the company of both you and "desertsky". You both have such wonderful ideas. One of the things I have most enjoyed about blogging is being able to have more friends to bounce ideas off. UFOs are a high priority for me this year. I'm having to reign myself in a bit - I can't get them all done at once :) But I am sure enjoying the process. Thanks for your encouragement and all the love :) Big Sugary Ones on their way to you as well.