Friday, January 3, 2014

UFOs and 2014 Goals

Have you been thinking about what you want to work on this year?  I know that I have a number of projects started, have had started for years in some cases.  I've decided this year is the year to get my UFOs finished. I'm tired of things being half done . . . tired of trying to find places for other things that aren't finished or are in progress . . .

So I'm starting my year with a commitment to myself to get my UFOs at least worked on every month until they are completed.  Some are UFOs, others are KARTS (kits all ready to sew).  Either way, they need my attention.  So here's my list:

UFOs - These are projects that have been started at least a year ago.

1.  House quilt

2.  Spring pillow

3.  Tilda doll

4.  Shabby roses wall hanging

5.  Alphabet sampler

6.  Tea cup quilt

7.  Bandanna quilt

8.  Scrap quilt

9.  Trip around the world quilt

10  JoAnn's BOM quilts

KARTS - These are items that I've been collecting components for and haven't been started.

1.  Bethlehem quilt

2.  Rooster tea towels

3.  Shop Hop quilt

4.  Daisy Days quilt

5.  Easter wall hanging

6.  Birthday/Gift stash

These are my goals for the year.  My other goal is to use as much as I can from my stash without buying anything new - unless I don't have it and need it to finish a project.  And since I worked for a couple of different fabric stores over my career, I have quite a stash.  I've shared the wealth but lately I've been hanging on to my fabric with intentions to use what I have.  I do still share with BFF any time she needs something and I have it.

So, having set my goals, I have a small finish to share.  It's very small, but everything came out of my stash, including the button on top :)

This is the cathedral window I learned this week.  I'm very please with the results and it's being added to BFF's gifts.


It was extremely cold here again today.  Wind chills were in the very low single digits or below zero. 

It's very deceptive - all this gorgeous sunshine.


The icicles prove that things are melting . . .

Tomorrow, mid 30s and Sunday night, another front comes in with even colder temperatures that we are experiencing now.  It's never boring here in northeast Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! What a great year of finishes it will be. I love the little pincushion. I saw that tutorial the other day somewhere and thought it was the cutest thing.

e said...

Thank you for your encouragement. I'm looking forward to accomplishing much. I made two of the pincushions. The first didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. Second attempt was much better. They are quick, easy and fun. Wishing you a blessed day. Love'n'hugs.