Saturday, January 18, 2014

Slow Start Saturday

Such a slow, lazy start :)

After making breakfast, I did some shopping on line.  We got a new mattress last weekend. We purchased sheets from the store, but at $70.00 a set, that gets expensive really fast.  I found some on line for $29.00 !!!  That's a huge savings.  The mattress has a 16 inch drop and I wasn't finding them in the local department store.  Here's hoping they were really a good value.  I'll let you know when they get here.  But if you have some time and maybe some Christmas money left . .

I managed to get stew on for dinner, but too late.  It will be dinner on Sunday instead.  I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest.  Dinner ended up being canned soups and grilled cheese sandwiches :)  Best laid plans . . . and all that . . .

Off to work on Bethlehem.  This is a stitchery I told you about a while back.  I found it through Wendy. She helped me track down the magazine AND the designer.  Wendy has since finished her quilt.  I'm just starting mine.  So here's where I am:  Block 1 :)

I have three of the animals done :)  So very happy with my progress.  I haven't really done any embroidery work since the snowmen towels that were BFF's Christmas gifts.  I am realizing very quickly that it will probably take the majority of the month to get these blocks done.

I'm doing my best to stay organized.  All my floss, favorite embroidery scissors (I've had these since the mid-1980's - yes, they are still sharp) and a new pack of needles are in the organizer.

The remaining blocks to be stitched and all of the embellishments that I might use are in a large plastic tote that has a lid so I can close it and keep everything together and secure.  This way I can keep going and just grab the next block when I'm ready to start working on it.

I spent late afternoon reading my emails.  Many of them are blogs that are emailed to me - keeps me up to date.  I was shocked when I opened and read this one.  I don't watch this show.  I don't like the hostesses' attitudes.  They give the impression that they are better than the majority.  If they do not feel that way, they don't have me convinced.  I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the stand this lady is taking.  It is entirely her choice.  I'm not saying I wouldn't have a discussion about it with my BFF.  But I would not, under any circumstance, make fun of her, her choices or her beliefs.  I applaud Brown Thumb Mama for taking a stand in her defense.  That is the definition of holding someone up and supporting them.  We should not, ever ("evah") tear each other down.  OK, done with my soap box fof the day.  I hope you read the letter and share your support of the wonderful creatures God has created us to be.  Thank you for letting me vent. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.




Anonymous said...

Wonderful embroidery project. I don't have the center, so I am substituting another center. You are so organized! I'll check out that letter, thanks.

e said...

I think the substitution is a great idea. As for organized - it's an on-going project. But the bins definitely help. I'm always amazed when I find something that I thought I put away in a "proper place".
Have a blessed day. Love'n'hugs.