Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh the cold . . .

We are back down in the single digits with negative wind chills.  I actually shoveled snow today - not from all the snow fall, although we did have some, but from the blowing and drifting.  I am making good use of my down-filled coat that Honey Do gifted me about 10 Christmases ago :) Honey Do has also suggested that I not make too many plans for early next week - we are looking at inclement weather days, so Newton will probably not have school because of the wind chill in the negative numbers.

So do you have all your projects lined upfor FNSI?  You can still register here. I've got a couple I've been trying to finish this week, both are relatively current and I have a UFO that I showed you yesterday.  What I don't finish I will carry over to the weekend and see if I can't get them done. Mojo has kicked in and I'm not willing to give it up this early in the year.

I spent today with Mom.  We got the chores done, shared a nice lunch and reminisced over family pictures from the 1970s :)  Oh to be THAT thin again :) But that was before marriage, children and age took over :)  AND that hair !! all the poofiness.  It was fun to spend that time with her.  It goes way too fast and time to head home again.

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Wishing you a creative FNSI.

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