Sunday, January 5, 2014

Storm's a-comin'

I started my day with this . . .

I can eat pancakes every day, I don't, but I could :)  Aren't the blackberries just beautiful. I found them on Friday - they were only 99 cents for 1/2 pint.  Usually they are double that price.

We also started with this . . . 

This map shows the up-coming weather alerts we can expect. We have winter storm advisories for the next couple/few days.  The forecast for us in Northeast Ohio is 12-plus inches over the next 24-48 hours. 

This lovely little graphic shows what are temperatures are going to be.  The "37" today turned into rain this evening and it's going to drop to "10" tonight.  We get to wake up to "0" tomorrow morning.  The concern is will the snow cover all the ice from the rain?

So today is "prep day".  Getting ready for a storm means going to the grocery store for staples, the library to pick up my order, the craft/fabric store for any needed supplies to finish projects - this, of course, is something that could have been done already but is procrastinated because I have no self control when it comes to the fabric store :)

I did manage to get to the store for coffee and a couple of other staples.  The community is taking the weather warnings seriously because the store was extremely busy. It took a good half hour just to check out. The library wasn't too bad. I managed to get a computer to print a couple of patterns, not that I'll ever run out of things to do, but need to mail one off to BFF.  Our planned meeting on Tuesday has been cancelled because schools are closed due to the weather.

Once I got dinner made, kitchen cleaned up and laundry caught up (I ended up doing a couple of loads of towels and a blanket. We are retiring our soft-side water bed for a new bed and a bucket of water got dumped when the plastic handle broke and had to be mopped up), I finally made it to my sewing machine.

I had a very productive couple of hours . . .

I made a blue towel like the red one from last week. BFF's kitchen is blue and her favorite color is red.  It only made sense to me to make one of each.

Please excuse the mess in the background - I'm working on it :)

Anyway, a new apron.  I fell in love with this fabric, a cookie recipe and cutters. When I saw it and just knew what it would have to be.

It's hard to see, but this lace and ribbon are decorating the pockets.  I used the same lace that I used on the towels.

I square-knot tied it in front.  The ties are long enough.  I have trouble tying them in back, so I'm going to make them this way from now on.  I wish I had gotten enough fabric to make one for myself.

I found this picture of Lucille Ball from her show I Love Lucy on Pinterest.  I printed, matted and framed it for BFF's sewing room. I sometimes feel like Lucy when I sit at my machine and BFF will get a kick out of it.

Here are some of her other gifts . . .

Two of my favorite books,

Winter and holiday themed fat quarters.  BFF loves snowmen and the numbers - they will be adorable with some Twelve Days of Christmas stitcheries we are planning on stitching this year.

I made the sack from the Sew Pretty Homestyle book and the pincushion I made from here.

I found this adorable little box at the dollar store !!!  I just thought BFF had to have a gift wrapped in it. Maybe this little pretty . . .

with a little good advice to also display in her sewing room.  I wish I had picked one up for myself, but I didn't.  It really is cute.

Do you see my themes?  I wasn't really trying, but I ended up with quite a few dots and red/pink/green.  Oh well, it was all fun to make and will be more fun to give.  I think I feel like I've hit the mark when I'm excited about giving the gifts.  I know BFF will be pleased. We've both spent the passed week talking to each other and working on our projects.  Both of us equally excited about what we were doing and anticipating our gift exchange.  Unfortunately, with school closings and the forecast, it doesn't look like it's going to happen this week.

Thank you for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.




Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm amazed at everything! Your BFF is truly a lucky woman to be your BFF! That apron and the towels are adorable, and it will be like Christmas opening everything. I love that almost everything was a handmade gift, or took some of your time to make. The weather - ugh! You are even worse than here - at least our snow was only 1/2". It's still melting today, but I expect it to be mostly gone by nightfall, as bright as the sun is, though it's still cold. Only up to 22, so I don't think it's hitting the forecast 43! Moving in the right direction, though!

e said...

Not exactly sure where you are, but from the reports there weren't too many that went unscathed. We didn't get all the promised snow - boo hoo me :( I had a great time getting this gift together. And it is for Christmas. Because we both have children home from school and my husband took (finally) some time off, I wanted to make them the priority. We enjoy a breakfast/gift exchange in early January - weather permitting. Looking forward to the 30 degree mark on Thursday. Stay warm. Love'n'hugs.