Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mid-week slump

I got my day started well enough, but once Honey Do and Newton left for their's I lacked any motivation.  I spoke with BFF first thing. She was off to her monthly sewing circle and encouraged me to just take things as they came today. Most of us face an adjustment period after the holidays, whether we have children going back to school or not. Our routines have changed. And it takes self-discipline to get them back on track.

Even though I'm taking BFF's advice to just take it easy today, I still have some goals in mind:

Hexagon travel case. I'm debating making this a Christmas gift next year for BFF.  It will give me time to complete collecting all the components.

Mending.  I have three pairs of jeans for Honey Do that have various mending needs. But it will work on minimizing another pile in the "studio".

One thing that was taking priority today was to love over my gifts from BFF again.  She knows me so well and each and every item was chosen and made with much love.

I love penguins - in case you haven't already 
figured that out :)

This sparkly little angel speaks to our friendship.

 I love things vintage.  BFF's mom (my second mom) found this beauty at an estate sale. I'm so thrilled that she did.

My mom worked for a party-based stitchery company back in the mid-late 1970s.  She made these as samples and I'm fortunate enough to have had them gifted to me.

I think they look well together, don't you?

Tea Pots are something else I've always loved - from the first one gifted to me by my mom. . . a little red tomato.  It had salt and pepper shakers to match, but I don't know what happened to them.  I remember them being on the table in my youth.  This little beauty burns tea-light candles.

Remember the Sew Pretty Home book that I fell in love with a few months ago.  BFF made this set for me from that book.  Aren't they lovely?  I had planned to make them for her, but when she started the set for another gift, I was pretty sure that she was making a set for me, too - and she did :)  Happy girl :)


And look at this lovely little tea towel.  I know people say you should use them, but I know how dirty and stained my towels get.  It would just break my heart if it got ruined.  I'm one of those people that displays them and doesn't use them as a dish towel.

Another gorgeous gift.  I don't know when she found the time to make them, but I'm so glad that she did.  This is proudly displayed on my bed.

All of my gifts, as I said, were thoughtful and done with love. But . . .

If I had gotten nothing else but this I would have been truly blessed.  
And it came in this gorgeous gift box.

Each letter in the word BELIEVE is part of the nativity story.

The "I" is the center letter.  

And who but Christ should be at the center of the season and our lives.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.




Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts she gave you. I, too, love the Believe at the end of your post. That is a very different sort of creche, isn't it? I love teapots, too! I don't have many - Really only one that's a cup and pot together, and I don't use it, because it's sort of fragile, but I see ones all the time that I like. The boys keep ignoring me, though. =)

e said...

boys . . . they don't really pay much attention to the feminine side of us, do they? Oh but we still love them. I told BFF that I think I'm going to put up a small shelf somewhere prominent so that I can leave it out all year and enjoy this little creche every day. Have a blessed day.