Friday, August 9, 2013

Soggy Friday

Today started out raining - it's been forecast since Wednesday and finally, we got some.  The garden's needed it.  The humidity is awful though, even with the temperatures lower.

Busy, busy morning.  I've baked 4 loaves of zucchini bread this morning.  My sister is coming to get Newton tomorrow and wanted to send something home with her.  She doesn't have a working oven. I couldn't live without one.  In fact, mine went out at the beginning of spring, by the weekend Honey Do got me a new one :)  What a guy.  Takes really good care of me.

Anyway, later I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies for her, too.  I have the supplies and I'm baking anyway.  So... why not.  It's the least I can do.

I've done my on-line banking and written out the bills.  I almost hate payday any more.  What comes in seems to all go right back out !!!  It's so depressing.  And today we've finally decided to take the rental the insurance company reserved for us because mine is still in the shop after an accident and it's going to be a minimum of two weeks before we get it back.  Now I'm just sitting here and waiting......

I finally finished my James Patternson book.  Never seem to have enough time to just sit and read. I have a few minutes this morning and started another book.  It's actually categorized as teenager, but since my son showed an interest I wanted to see what it was about.

It's part of a series and this one starts out in London, 1878.  So it's historical.  We'll see if he finishes reading it.  He's/we're currently listening to Eragon, which came highly recommended and he's enjoying immensely.

Can I just say how much I hate - HATE - running errands??  I left about 10 this morning and didn't get home until after 2!!!  And now I'm rushing to get those cookies done from this morning.  Just when I think the stress has pretty much relieved itself, I have a day like today.

Honey Do had a big lunch at work today - so maybe a light supper is in order and I can settle myself down with my stitchery.  I know it's not Friday Night Sew-In, but I may just have to make an executive decision and have one of my own :)

I spent time at the library today downloading and printing patterns that have been waiting for me.  Wants some new ideas?  Here are two from two very sweet ladies:

Oopsie Daisy Table Runner by Jenny of


Give Thanks By Wendy of

I don't know if I'll start stitching them this weekend, but I am going to at least root through my fabric and try to get them drawn off.  And Great #9 still doesn't have his quilt from Auntie, so that's on the agenda too.  I got the backing fabric today.  Along with more sorting in the "craft room".

The afternoon is turning into a gorgeous day after the soggy start.  Temperatures are lower and so is the humidity.  The weekend promises to be gorgeous.

Thank you so much for stopping by.....

(photo downloaded from Pinterest)

have a wonderful, creative weekend.


Wendyb said...

OH Edi, your blog is looking schmick! Very nice indeed! Thanks for the shout out too.....I love that pattern, and Jen's too....but I love all of hers!!!! (but I'm biased!!!! LOL) I've been baking too and pecan cake and prosciutto and zucchini pies with feta...all for lunch tomorrow for a few sewing friends coming over (including the aforementioned bestie!) Hope your car is done soon......the sound of those yummies you've been making is making my mouth water!
love and sugary sweet hugs
Wendy :o) xo

e said...

Ahh Wendy, You are so sweet and supportive. I can't thank God enough for bringing you my way.

God Bless, love you too.