Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BFF Catch-Up

I am getting so spoiled.  My BFF and I have made a concentrated effort over the last few months to make sure we get together at least every other week.  Today was that day.  We meet for breakfast, fellowship and general catch ups.  Mind you, we talk almost daily - thank God for long distance phone calls.  There are many days neither of us would get through without those calls.  But they are just not the same as getting together.

We got to have our own "show and tell".  I was able to share my Tilda book with her.

She has a gift exchange with a sewing theme in a couple of weeks. This book has so many wonderful ideas.  I think I could peruse it a hundred times and still not see everything.  I even stopped on the way home and purchased fabric to make some goodies for her, too.  Christmas is coming :)

BFF is working on "Bethlehem".  I mentioned that awhile back that we were going to do it together.  She's already begun, I haven't.  She tells me that she has to start now because I stitch so much faster than she does and it's the only way she'll be able to keep up.

This is an image of Wendy's from Sugarlane Quilts.  She's responsible for helping me locate the pattern because it was originally published in Australian Home Spun Magazine.  In fact, this pattern is responsible for the friendship that Wendy and I share and her encouragement in getting this blog off the ground.  What would we do without the "Wendys" in our lives.  I'm afraid I'd be the lump over in the corner.  As you can see, Wendy's in the home stretch of hers.

I was able to share my sweet, precious doll that I'm making for my great-niece who is three years old.

So far, she has a quilt and two outfits.  I'm in the process of making little panties to match this dress and she'll also have a set of pajamas.

I stopped at the kennel on the way home.  I'm thinking about adopting a pup so Taz has a playmate.  There are so many lost and abandon dogs.  I have my eye on a 5 1/2 month old little girl, but when I called our city authorities they told me we can't have her because she is a mixed breed that has pit bull identified, and it's against city ordinance.  So I'll have to re-think my plan.  But she was adorable.  She's so happy to see everyone that walks by.

This evening will be spent working on cotton dish rags  cloths that I'm crocheting and a Christmas movie.  I hear my bed calling me to make it an early night.  I'm fading fast :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

I call them dishrags, too, even when they are brand new. LOL I do love that doll and all her accoutrements! You are so lucky to have a best friend, AND to be able to get together so often. It sounds like a wonderful friendship.

Wendyb said...

Ohhhh sweety....wish I could be there with you too....sounds like such fun!!! and guess what??? My 'Bethlehem' hasn't made it past that picture!!!!! It's folded up ready to go, but with Christmas gifts for swaps to finish and a quilt top for SIF to put together and write the pattern for, it's on hold for the moment!!!! I was hoping to have it finished for Christmas THIS year but........we'll see!!!! I love your dolly...she's so cute...I just know she'll be snuggled to bits, and dish 'rags' are just perfect to make!!!! The right new family member will come along, I'm sure!!!! Hope you had sweet dreams my friend.....big big sugary sweet hugs
Wendy :o) xox

e said...

Thank you for all your sweet comments. I love this little doll. My BFF asked me how I was going to be able to part with her. I told her I might just have to make one for myself :) Our friendship began when we were young teenagers. We've had some rough patches, but they and our common faith has only served to make us stronger and better together. We have gotten each other through a lot and count on each other daily. Our lives would not be what they are without each other. I wish everyone could be so richly blessed. Love'n'hugs.

e said...

I miss talking to you ever so much. Thank you again for all your sweet comments. I'm hoping to start Bethlehem yet this month, we'll see how things go ;) I'd like to say mine would be done by next Christmas, but that's pretty ambitious.

Yes, I think you are right, the family that is meant to have her will show up. I'm still trying to decide whether or not we should venture back into the territory of puppy-dom and house-breaking, but he would have so much fun with a playmate. And we still miss Harley so much, a new member could help fill that void. We'll see. Still trying to decide, although I have gone and looked. I know I can't save them all. Breaks my heart.

Miss you, dear one. Love'n'hugs.