Sunday, December 29, 2013


How quickly a day of rest goes by . . .

I didn't rest as much as I would have liked today.  You know how you come across something and it just needles at you until you take care of it?  That was today.  I'd sit down, then find something that needed done, moved on, came back, sat, found something else, etc., etc., etc. (Yul Brenner accent)

It started with digging out leftovers for lunch after church. The ham I made for Christmas will become bean soup tomorrow.  It's all ready in the crock pot waiting for the beans that are soaking.

That led to vegetable stock. As I was preparing celery, onions and carrots for the bean soup I decided I needed to replenish my supply of stock. I pulled the frozen nuggets out and put them in a pot. These "nuggets" are leftover pieces of vegetables that were still good, but weren't going to be used for anything in the near future. Rather than dispose of them to the compost bin, I put them in a zippered bag and in the freezer. I pull them out, add water and salt and simmer.  I also added some potatoes that were passed their prime, carrots, celery, thyme (fresh from the garden - even though it's winter) and Honey Do snipped some rosemary from the pot in the kitchen.  I try saving the plant every year.  This time I'm saving it in my kitchen and am finding that I use it more too.

Once the stock was on, the beans soaking, the dishes caught up. . . I started on the mushroom strudel.

I don't care for mushrooms.  Have tried, just can't, don't, won't . . . ever :(  Anyway, it was a new recipe.  He said it was OK, but nothing to write home about.  We tried.

On to the crafting.  Working on granny squares.  In between those I worked on getting this mass of yarn rolled into balls.  I got all of this for $8.00 at the local craft store.

 It's all cotton, not sure what I'm making out of it yet but couldn't pass up a good price.  I try only to buy the things that I know I'm going to use.  There's a lot of talk lately on different blogs about using what we have, getting rid of what we don't need or want and not purchasing new on whims.  Here are some blogs that I've come across that are making those promises to themselves and inviting us to join them:

Lilabelle Lane Creations

The Elven Garden

Clean Mama

I'll link you up as I run across more.  Any inspiration and motivation to help us along is a good thing.

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Wishing you a creative day.



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