Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Busy Week

It's Tuesday - the week before Christmas.  Lots of plans are coming to completion.  Almost all of the Christmas gifts are made.  Just need wrapped and that should be done tomorrow.  I still have some odds and ends to purchase, but that's mostly just to finish up gifts.

This morning began making cookies.

Peanut butter blossoms.  I make these every year and take them to mom to share with the cookie boxes she makes for each of us to take home Christmas Eve.

The other request is for Crispix mix.  This batch was made with wheat and cinnamon Chex.  I prefer the Crispix, but mom purchased the cereal so I used what she gave me.  It turned out pretty good and she's happy.

We spent the day prepping the house for her annual Christmas Eve dinner and family gathering.  The house felt ready when I left to come home.  She called this evening just to tell me how much she was enjoying her box of snacks :)  Feels really good to be able to make mom happy with something so simple.

Since I had such a busy day and not much time to cook, my go to dinner is sushi for Honey Do and mango chicken and friend rice for Newton and I or leftovers.  The sushi won out.  Clean up is really easy too.

Sunday is the fourth Advent.  That means the final ornament for my Sunday School class.

Prep is almost done.  My sweet BFF cut all these cards out while I opened gifts yesterday.  

The idea was shared at my monthly Women of Wonder gathering.  Here is the link.  Scroll down the side bar and locate the 

Twenty-eight Printable Ornament Templates.

She provides all the instructions and supply list.  Didn't these turn out great?  I thought it was an appropriate way to celebrate the birth of Jesus and conclude this Advent season.

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Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

Love your ornies! I'm going to go check that out. You know, moms are usually happy with very little. =) I can easily understand those snacks making her happy.

e said...

thank you. Yes, mom is pretty easy to please. I smile every time I see those ornaments. And the best part - it's what they say, the fact that they bring us back to Christ and the whole reason we celebrate Christmas. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. God bless. Love 'n' hugs.