Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Projects

This week is beginning with a marathon baking session for my mom.  Saturday and Sunday she baked with Sister.  Monday it was my turn.  Next weekend she has plans with my niece, her husband and son to help make more, provided #9 doesn't arrived before then.  That's great-nephew #9. She brought and made me samples :)

Oh, yes, I'm a very happy girl :)

I made beef stew for dinner so that we could just keep plugging along.  We made pecan tarts and Dobish Torte - my husband's favorites.

This morning I managed to get a little shopping done and a trip to the library for some new Christmas movies and novels.  Yes, I'm going to make time to read - a little everyday.

My BFF has a gift exchange mid-December for her sewing circle.  She asked me for ideas.  I love her confidence in my :).  Well, I just happened to have purchased a new book and was able to come up with some ideas.  The criteria - sewing theme and under $10.  That sounds like a perfect excuse to go through stash :) !!!

I think the gift would be lovely done in Christmas fabrics.  Here are my suggestions:

Needlebook *

Pin Cushion *

Bin / Gift Bag *

(* all these images are taken from the Book)

I suggestion she supplement the items she makes with some needles, thread, floss and fat quarters.  I think I'm going to make some of these up to give as gifts as well.

The little gift bag/storage bin would be lovely to use with soaps and lotions, coffees and teas and biscuits, etc.  You are limited by your imagination.

The book is from Tilda, of course.  Who doesn't love all things Tilda?  
OK there might be one person . . .

I spent my afternoon and early evening working on a doll's dress.  I had a little trouble with the sleeves, kept stitching the hem too close to the edge and it wouldn't hold the elastic, but I got past that.  What do you think?

The dress will have little "panties" to match in the same pale pink fabric on the hem and collar.

I absolutely love it.

Well, off to do the finishes - buttons, snaps, etc.

Thank you for stopping by

Wishing you a creative day.


Wendyb said...

Hiya Edi! Sounds like you've been busy...and that dress is ADORABLE!!!!!! It will be well loved I'm sure of that! Love your ideas for swap gifts....Tilda???? *swoon*!!!! And who was the one who wasn't very creative, hmmmmm??????? LOL I must go to our library and check out some Christmas movies....still lots of swap sewing to be done here too!!!! What are Dobish tarts?? sounds interesting.....I'm a sucker for pecan tarts too...yummo! biggest sugary Christmassy hugs xoxoxoxoxoxo

e said...

Thanks for always being so sweet. We'll talk soon. Not sure which of us is busier at the moment - nah, it's definitely you. Love you back.