Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Girl

Yup, that's me.  A very happy girl.  Honey Do surprised me with dinner out last night. We rarely if ever go "out". We have take out frequently enough - more than we probably should, although I keep a pretty right reign on that. But rarely do we both leave the house and eat in a restaurant. So when we do, it's a very special event for us.

This weekend was our 14th wedding anniversary. As I said in a previous post, we went to the county kennel to try and decide whether or not we wanted another dog. We came home and neither of us really wanted to go out. This close to Christmas and the weekend only means lots of traffic and a long wait at a restaurant. So we had dinner delivered to us.

We had a wonderful meal, a wonderful visit and a wonderful evening at home. He played on the computer - I napped :)  Happy Girl :)  

Dinner was filling and neither of us ate our desserts, they came with the meal.  

I wish I could show you the tiramisu Honey Do very generously let me have for breakfast this morning with my coffee. Suffice it to say - it was THAT good. I asked for a refill.  We'll see . . .

For lunch, I ate the rest of my meal.

I make my own lasagna. But this was really good. Yes, I asked for a refill of that, too. Honey Do said he'd do his best. I know he will.  

In this tough economy, getting to eat out is a special treat. My husband works in the hobby industry. We have been very blessed that he still has a job to go to everyday, but this time of year brings out his most generous customers. Our dinner last night was compliments of one of those customers who gifted us with gift cards that were good at several restaurants last Christmas. The only thing we paid for last night was the gratuity. And we had a very sweet server that we'll ask for the next time we visit. This same customer gifted us again this Christmas, so we have another meal out to look forward to. Very blessed :)

I'm also designing a layout for a wall hanging that I want up for January. Time to get creative and use up some of this stash I've been collecting for years. That didn't happen. 

I went to my library this morning. The only reason I tell you this is because it's brand new!!! I'm so excited. Our library has been operating out of an old department store while it was rebuilt to a modern, more user friendly atmosphere.  

It's absolutely beautiful. 

I wasn't able to print the patterns I wanted at the library because I was printing a tutorial. Jenny of Elefantz showed us how to make a disappearing nine patch. The nine patch was the first block I learned to make - for obvious reasons, it's the easiest one to do. I've seen disappearing nine patches all over Pinterest and couldn't figure out what it meant or how to do it. Jenny makes it really easy. I can't wait to make the table runner.

My afternoon was spent in my "studio".  I started by organizing patterns that I downloaded and printed from all the generous blogs I read and printed at the library this morning and over the summer. Let's just say I won't be running out of projects any time soon. I also pulled out some designs that will stitch up quickly for a Christmas gift and give me some projects to work on in the evening when I'm watching television or a video.

On to a finish . . . I have the baby doll, quilt and her wardrobe completely done :)

I found a little bear for "Dolly" to play with, 

The little dress has panties to match, 

and these are her pretty little pajamas.

On to the next project, I found these adorable snowmen on Bird Brain Designs.  They have a section of free patterns as well as designs you can purchase.

I've decided to do them in a variegated red.  Aren't they adorable.

I also ran across some other freebies in my travels this week.  Here are the links:

Kristyne and Amy  are hosting Holiday Tag Alongs

Aren't these sweet?  I want to try making some.

Melody offers a link to a freebie daily.  Here's your link to her blog (The House on the Side of the Hill).

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Your dinner looks fabulous! What a wonderful thing for a customer to do. I love your projects. I had debated about doing a D9P for a blog hop, but settled on something else. I thought Jenny's explanation was great, and I still may do one, in the new year. I've done them before, and they really do go fast! The trick is to get lights and darks alternating on your 9 patch at the beginning. I think that makes them more interesting. Having all the same centers, or similar prints for centers, can unify a lot of scraps, too! Love that bird brain design myself. I think I have all their free designs downloaded! =)

e said...

I'm happy to report dinner was wonderful, even the leftovers. Yes, Honey Do has some of the best, most generous customers. I have to say that he treats them well too with help all throughout the year. I'm glad to hear the D9P are easy and quick. It will probably have to wait until after Christmas, but that's ok. It'll be one of those quick projects in between all the UFOs I want to get done next year. Starting out fresh with a list and a purpose. I love Bird Brain. I haven't downloaded all of them, yet :) But definitely have plans for many of them. My autumn scarecrow was from them too. Love'n'hugs.