Saturday, December 28, 2013

Working toward normal

It's Saturday - I can't believe how quickly the last week has gone by.  For the most part I have enjoyed having my guys home.  Unfortunately, changes in routine sometimes lead to undesirable behaviors but we are attempting to work through that.  Much has to do with age, just being a boy and ADHD.  Yes, most of the time we have our hands full.

Working toward normal means keeping up my chores even though I have extra company at home. I planned the Christmas break with a menu, grocery shopping and a handful of new menus to try. So I've been cooking and doing a lot of dishes.  I've kept the laundry up and have managed to squeak out some crafting time.

BFF and I are planning on breakfast and our gift exchange after everyone goes back to school and work.  This has given me a little extra time to get her gifts finished and even add a few more.  I'm not done yet, but getting there.

I did manage a finish today:

I am so excited to have something new for my kitchen and it seems so are my pups. I used scraps of yarn generously gifted to me from Mom and Sister. I stopped making baby afghans for charity about a year ago - too many demands at home.  I combined all my scraps and come up with a scrap afghan or, now, rug.  The yarns that are really thin (baby weight) I combine with a similar weight yarn and use them doubled up. Consequently, I end up with my own version of a variegated yarn.  I'm rather pleased with my end result.

I still have yarn scraps left. That just means another project.  So I've started making granny squares from the scraps that are left.  I'm not sure what they will become, but they won't take up much room and at least I can get the bin that holds all my yarn empty and put away.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday :)

I was very excited.  I know that winter has just barely begun and it's along time until spring planting, but it does mean that I can start planning my garden. That makes me very happy. I don't always order from the catalogs, but I sure enjoy looking through them.  I always try to find something new and different to try.  I also try to collect as many seeds as I can, that way I cut down the expense of purchasing new seeds and/or plants.

I'm going to spend my evening watching movies I borrowed from the library and continue making granny squares.  Hope you are equally relaxed.

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Wishing you a creative day.




Anonymous said...

An evening watching movies sounds great! Those floor rugs are so great on col mornings, and there seem to be a lot of those lately. =) It's only 38 right now in the middle of the afternoon, and the socks are not enough, need another pair! LOL

e said...

It was a fun evening and I love using up the scraps - waste not, want not. I'm getting a lot of encouragement in my creative-self. Thank you. Love'n'hugs.