Tuesday, July 14, 2015

And we're off . . .

My week is getting off to a very productive start. After getting Honey Do off to work Monday, I started the washing machine and collected my next round of projects.

I cut out my 9-patches for a swap.

There are everyday and Christmas patterns ready to sew.

I moved on to draw off the next blocks for Jenny's Vintage Kitchen and Wendy's Friends.
Finally an opportunity to use the new light box Honey Do refashioned for me from a piece of the old box. This one is smaller, sturdier and a more manageable size.

Al that was done before 8 a.m. and Newton leaving for camp. The morning was spent at church with ladies preparing our crafts for Vacation Bible School next week. Most of the supplies have been purchased and we make up "kits" for each child. Requirements have been reduced to half, not because attendance is down but because the older children will be participating in a "science lab" and doing something scientific during their craft time. 
It's change, but it's fun and we anticipate they will enjoy it and it will be successful.

Letting things go and allowing other to help me is difficult, but I'm learning to do so. It's good to allow others an opportunity to serve. You never know the seeds that are being sewn or someone else's gifts permitted to shine because you let go and got out of the way.

I spent the afternoon cutting and packaging wire for the first day's craft. Dinner was simple and allowed me to finish the packaging. The week before is very stressful trying to make sure we have all the supplies and are ready for use. There's a lot happening all at once, so my "A" personality for control and organization is stressed out completely and making sure things run smoothly at home also becomes another stresser. By God's grace - it all comes together in the end.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Melody said...

It is always fun getting projects ready and your look like they will be great to make.

Wendyb said...

haha....by the title of you post I thought you were going somewhere!! LOL Glad to hear you're getting 'there'....can I come too??? LOL

Anonymous said...

It seems like only yesterday that you were doing last summer's projects, and they were adorable. I look forward to seeing what you've got in the works this year. It looks like you are all set for tracing now! I can't believe how much you did before 8 - and I am usually not even up by then! =)

dq said...

I really need to get me a light box. Instead I'm still using the living room windows on a sunny day. My arms get tired if I have to trace very long up in the air.