Friday, July 3, 2015

I have signed up for another goal  (linking back) for July - You guessed it, Trip-Around-the-World quilt.

The positive aspect of this four-month goal is that the borders are on and quilted. 

The binding is on and the plan for the weekend is to get the binding hand-stitched in place. As you can see, I have plenty of help :)

Hand-sewing is very tiring work, don't you know :)

This is a holiday weekend for us - Independence Day - July 4th.
As is customary - at least in my family - we spent the day doing yard work. We always took advantage of a long weekend when I was growing up to get some extra work done. No exception now that I'm an adult.

Today's goal was to get this completely weeded.

To that end, Newton was "drafted". No he didn't volunteer to help out, but "Grandpa" thought he needed to contribute and shamed him into it. After a very slow start, Newton accomplished the goal of getting them mostly pulled. He's 14 - enough said :) He did do the heavy part, so I really don't mind fine-tuning it. And because I can't ever seem to keep up with this garden, we may just pull the boards and let it go back to grass and make mowing on that side of the house 100% easier for Newton, and me whenever I have to do it.

We did lots of other odds and ends so that we can enjoy the rest of the weekend. As for me, that will be with my goal project.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity and an appreciation for what it really means to be "independent".


Melody said...

Love that adorable little helper

Anonymous said...

Newton is a cutie. Nice that your FIL could influence him. I think it might have been good for both of them. =) The pup is growing.