Monday, July 20, 2015

FNSI . . . the results

Wendy was our hostess. Head over for a list of everyone participating to see what they all got up to.

As for me, time always gets away from me. But here is what I got up to . . .

Assembled small keychains for first grade.

A boquet of things from nature. I didn't have it on hand, but the wires in the can will be covered with sand.

Isn't this little keychain figure adorable? I absolutely fell in love with him. 
Unfortunately, after watching the children work on Monday's project, the committee decided this project was just too time consuming for the time we have allotted. So we ended up just stringing wire to the ring and will allow the children to be creative on their own without too much instruction. It will be fun and freeing, 
But I still love this little guy - he's hanging from my Sunday School bag :)
We may just do it in Sunday School for something different for the kids :)

Thursday, I came home from my wool clas to find a partially finished baby afghan on the floor . . . a couple of small chews from Nina. In order to finish it I would need to go and get more yarn. I really haven't had the inclination to do that, so Miss Nina gave me the perfect excuse to take it apart. I made tiny blankets for the new pup, since he's always cold :)

On one of our forays outside, I notice the approaching storm. It ended up only storming and spitting. We didn't get any rain. But it sure made a beautiful photograph.

I hope you had an opportunity to check out the other crafters to see what they accomplished.
I'm off to continue stringing wire for Tuesday's project.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Love your projects. I can see a lesson with what's in that can - didn't Heavenly Father make a beautiful world for us? I'm so blessed to be able to come here and have all the chances He has given me. Love your little man! I suspect that pooch will have more covers than most of us. LOL