Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm baaaaccckkk :)

I have had an incredibly busy week, as I'm sure so has everyone else. I spent my week at Vacation Bible School each morning. Afternoons were spent catching up chores and trying to stay up so as not to have too much to catch up on beginning Monday.

Vacation Bible School is a lot of work, both before getting ready and during adding to the things that always seem to be forgotten and missed. I only had five volunteers daily to help me with almost 200 children aging from first through third grade, but they were a fantastic group to work with and we did so well together they have asked that I please stay on and they will continue in the department with me. What a huge compliment that was for me :)

The weekend was spent getting some odds and ends done.

We removed some dog crates and metal closet from the basement that we no longer need.

Honey Do repaired the shed door before he went to working on some new things for me :)
We had a stray cat taking up residence. Didn't need my dogs taking out after her and getting hurt in the process.

I did some packaging and relabeling for product for work for Honey Do. Honey Do made me some new utensils.

Aren't they gorgeous ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

As for the coming week . . . 

I have the DOD row alongs to get done before the end of the month's deadline.
I'm behind on my 9-patches for the swap, but they will go out this week.

Sunday evening and Monday morning were spent working on the first row.

Sorry about the wrinkles. My unmade bed (the sheets are in the wash) was the only place big enough to show the whole row.

Here's the close up. I absolutely love it.

Here's your link :)

While I was out Monday, and with the euphoria of completing this row, I went in search of more patriotic prints. My stash wasn't as robust as I thought it was when I signed up for this adventure.

I managed to put this collection together at JoAnn's - I know, I was surprised too, pleasantly :)
There's a white on white behind the blue stars, but you can't see it.

I also managed to get some of my 9-patches started and leaders and enders.

Some are Christmas prints that need to go to this month's swap. They will go out this week. I'm only a week behind. The rest are for the upcoming swaps. Trying to work a little ahead :)

I've also begun working on the label for the Trip-Around-the-World quilt.

I'd completely forgotten about it when I finished the quilt. I need to update the finish, but I would like the label done first.

Tuesday I'm meeting BF and Mom on Thursday. In between, my normal routines:
laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


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Anonymous said...

I figured you were busy with VBS. Love your Americana row. Super fabrics on it and the ones you bought. Hope you had fun with BF today, and Mom on Thursday. He did a great job on those utensils. Those are so pretty! Gotta love a man so talented, doncha?