Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another busy, productive day

Tuesday morning dawned beautifully.

There's a heaviness of rain and humidity in the air. The forecast is 80% chance for Tuesday.

Rocky and I took a walk in the garden first thing. 


I've been watching these buds for about a week and this morning I was blessed with the presence of these blooms.
Mom always had gladiolas in her garden and often cut them to bring in the house, shortening the stems as the blooms faded and keeping the vase filled as long as possible.
The bulbs were dug up each autumn and replanted each spring.
Mine have been in the ground for four or five years now. I've been blessed with the grouping multiplying each year, new blooms each summer and surviving our winteres.

I finished cutting out these butterfiles. I took them to church and will spend my day cutting more wire for another project and paper to wrap around cans for Monday's project. I'll have to make samples along the way.

While we waited for Newton's ride to camp, I folded a loaded of towels left over from Monday. Rocky decided to help. I also had a load of sheets, but those waited until nap time.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

Love the butterflies! You are getting a lot done. We had the rain Sunday and Monday, and even a little last night. I'm good with rain for a while. LOL I love glads. My mother always had them, too. I should plant some. I only have spring bulbs, and they haven't done all that well. I should dig them out this year and separate them ... or next year. LOL