Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm not Superwoman

How hard was that for you to realize the first time? 
It was very difficult and was only compounded by the fact that I still had a really hard time asking for help with anything and everything.
I have learned over the years, that like anything else you have to practice, you get better at it the more you do it.
It's a little easier these days to not only ask for help, but to take it when it's offered.

I'm getting lots of help with Vacation Bible School crafts. God has blessed me with some of the best people I've ever worked with. Our numbers are few, but we are strong workers. And that will make this week of crafting with first, second and third graders very successful.

So much so,

I had time Tuesday evening to begin cutting out a new quilt for the DOD Mystery Quilt Along. I have a little over a week to cut out and put back together two rows. 
The first one has hearts and flags, the second one houses and mini quilts. I'm looking forwrard to working on this project. It seems like such a long time since I've worked on anything. Is anyone else in the norther hemisphere ready for fall? I think I am - for purely selfish reasons :)

My vegetable garden is a failure for all intents and purposes this year. Of the eight heads of cabbage I planted, the four red ones are doing fairly well. Not so much the green.

The carrots are still in the ground, but not doing great - Looks like a small harvest. They are the only seeds that came up. Leeks, broccoli and beans . . . nothing even broke ground. And they were fresh, this year's seeds.
Peas and tomatoes have been eaten by the deer. Although, Honey Do managed to find four or five pods. Rocky likes peas. So does Nina, but he didn't share.

I'm off to VBS.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


dq said...

I love seeing your work station getting started on the QALs. You are a trooper to do both.

As for me, I love fall, but I love summer most because I'm a teacher and school is out. This coming year I will have to rely on the Lord's help a TON to get through as I am teaching four new classes. It feels like I am a first year teacher again, but I am so thankful for employment and the opportunity to be with great teens every day.

Anonymous said...

I recommend starting with the flags and hearts. They are so easy, and it makes you feel that you accomplished something. =) I'm only doing Americana. What I would REALLY like is for my boys to realize I'm not Superwoman, and neither is my bank account hers. LOL Have a great time with VBS.